About P. E. Lesson Plans

The first and only set of comprehensive lesson plans to help students make running fun while developing important movement skills.

Most able-bodied kids can put one foot in front of the other—but they have to learn powerful, effective running. Form, pacing, and breath are learned skills that support exercise which is fun, even exhilarating! Now New York Road Runners has created the first set of comprehensive teaching modules to provide everything you need to get kids up, moving and having fun.

This free resource for elementary P.E. teachers includes a series of playful, interactive physical activities for kids of all fitness levels. Your students will have fun while building important P.E. skills and learning how to run safely and effectively.

P.E. Lesson Plans Feature

  • More than 25 age-appropriate, all-inclusive modules to teach running to elementary school students through fun, engaging activities
  • Individual 10-20 minute lessons with clear, simple instructions, objectives and assessment measures
  • A list of all national U.S. and New York State educational standards met by each activity
  • A collection of online videos to help you explain and demonstrate the activities and skills students will be learning
  • Units on improving running through Fundamental Athletic Skills, Posture/Attitude, Form, and Pacing
  • Skills Assessments to help evaluate your students' development and guide them accordingly

Teacher Guide and Supporting Materials

Unique, in-depth materials to support your teaching:

  • Detailed teacher guide
  • Skills assessments to measure student ability and progress
  • Clear Guidelines for configuring activities for Adaptive P.E.