Footnotes Fall 2015

NYRR Mighty Milers ran over 5.3 million miles

2014-15 was a record-setting year all around for Mighty Milers. Not only did they run more miles this school year than ever before at 5.3 million, but more than 157,000 kids across the country took part. They also earned nearly half a MILLION rewards--from shirts to marathon medals and more--by reaching running milestones.

Walk for Life

Three years ago, Alberta Woods suffered a heart attack. Now 70, Alberta is walking her first mile with NYRR's Striders program. NYRR's Striders Program gets seniors exercising, walking, and active in their communities, proving that any one at any age can run—or walk—for life!

"Walking is my ticket to staying alive and having positive quality of life."—Alberta Wood

Miles for Books

P.S. 244 in Flushing, Queens, won $500 toward new books for running a combined total of 147 miles in March! Olympic Gold Medalist, Derrick Adkins, visisted Coach Reilly's ambitous Mighty Milers, and celebrated their running success.

Airbnb Brooklyn Half

Brooklyn was a sea of TFK green as more than 1,000 members of the charity team ran across the finish line and raised over $400,000 for NYRR's Youth Programs. It may have taken a lot of little steps, but hundreds of enthusiastic kids ran one mile in the first-ever NYRR Kid's Boardwalk Run at the Airbnb Brooklyn Half.  

Make A Difference 

You can donate today and help kids run all year round! $26.20 can provide a child with a year of running in our Mighty Milers progam which helps kids learn to love being active, boosts self confidence, and teaches goal setting. 
“I used to be lonely running but then when I heard about a program for running I got really excited and now I’m not lonely and I want to thank you for changing my life.” — Jackie, Grade 3

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